3 Doors Down

Interview By: Joshua Koloski

M4M: We wanted to talk with you a little bit about this progression you constantly seem to be making. Why after so long
did 3 Doors Down decide to do a self titled album?

Chris: Well we just felt that it was a good cross section of what this band is. Everybody in this band contributed a whole
hell of a lot on this record so it had to be 3 Doors Down. It seemed like the right idea and everyone I meet totally agrees
and no one questioned it. Usually band do it on their first record but We just didn’t do it.M4M: Now this album features five members of 3 Doors Down. Did that much more energy go into creating this record?

Chris: Yeah! If you were to listen to seventeen days and then this one the drums are totally different because of Greg
Upchurch. He is just a way different player than Danial Adair was. The record before that was Josh Freese and he can
really be anybody. You can tell him to be any drummer and he can be that drummer. Then the drummer before that was
Brad so it is a different drummer on each record so you get a different feel but yet it is still 3 Doors Down.M4M: Well back when you first started their were only 3 of you. As you start to progress how was the decision made to
start adding to the group?

Chris: Well you know we had just got signed and because Brad was our drummer we wanted to get him out from behind
the kit and we needed the front man to work the crowd. I don’t know if you ever seen a band where the drummer is the
singer but it is like watching paint dry. You know what I am saying? Who the hell wants to go and watch someone sing
behind a kit? I know I don’t.M4M: I hear you! How the hell do you even see him?

Chris: Well you know we would turn him sideways or something. We use to set Brad up front. Like way up front and the
drum kit would be right there. Since we have been at this level he has never been behind the kit. One time he was in
Lafayette Louisiana and came in and played the drums but after that he has not done it.M4M: How the hell do you guys do it I mean record after record you are keeping this elite status. You guys are just
selling it and selling it. When you first started I can see selling a shit load of albums but even now that the piracy era and
Internet has hit you still do it!

Chris: Well you know we are having a plateau of high sales but no one is really selling like they were right?M4M: That seems to be whats happening yes.

Chris: So the whole industry is down but we are at like where we would be. I don’t know I wish people were not
downloading so much it really breaks my heart.  Not only does it effect the artist that is putting out the album but it effects
even down to the janitor sweeping the floors in the recording studio, the intern at the record label. It effects everybody.
That is how everyone in the industry makes their living on record sales. Now that people are downloading you are
getting a .99 cent track that is digital information that is not even a piece of anything. It is just like getting a bunch of
numbers you know even though you are getting the song a mp3 does not sound nearly as good as the album. People
do not notice now because they are downloading so much and it is low quality so that is what they expect that is what
they are use to. If you listen to a nice album in a nice player you will hear a major difference.M4M: Well that is the thing, I will ask friends of mine did you get this new album or that new album and the reply will be
yeah downloaded it. I try to tell them how shitty it is for everyone involved in the process.

Chris: It really is. A lot of sales are coming from that but they don’t seem to have that regulated quite right yet. The
quality is just not as good period. Maybe one day it will be but probably not.M4M: You guys put so much into writing these albums.

Chris: yeahM4M: So how do you go about the writing process? Is there a science to it after all of these years?

Chris: There is no real rhyme or reason to it. We kind of get into a room and just bang them out. You know I will come
with a riff or Matt will come with a riff or Todd will come with a riff eve Greg who is a great guitar player as well will come
with a riff. We will come up with little pieces of this and pieces of that then all sit in room together like we are and just
bang them out acoustically. We usually will bang one or two of them out acoustically then add the band to it.M4M: Now besides writing and performing you spend so much time on charity’s. I am not sure if everyone knows this but
3 Doors Down actually have a few of their own charity’s right?

Chris: Our main one is called the Better Life Foundation. What happens is $1.00 for every ticket sale at concerts and
$10.00 from every live dvd sale goes directly to that which then donates to all these other charity’s because we have
been able to raise a ton of money by doing that. We started out primarily doing woman and children charities’s, Ronald
McDonald’s house, Battered womans shelter, and all the charity’s like that no one else really contributes to. There are a
lot of them out there that are just scraping by, and believe it or not man and this is kind of sad but one thing that we
found by doing this is that charity’s that really struggle are homes for people that need care. Like down syndrome that
are so severe and can not function in society without constant supervision and families just can not handle something
like that so they get put in these homes then just get forgotten about. Not by their own families but the way it is done is
through these charity’s through donations and so we have started really contributing to those kind of charities who really
need it and get forgotten about. Then of course Hurricane Catrina hit so we had that but then we were like how can we
keep a charity going that doesn’t exist anymore. With Hurricane Catrina it was like someone went to a blackboard with an
eraser and wiped the gulf coast right off the face of the earth.M4M: That whole thing actually struck kind of close to home for you guys as well I know it was quite devastating for some
of the band members.

Chris: I lost everything. I lost all my cars, shit man everything in my house just gone. Pictures, clothes, everything.M4M: I can not even begin to imagine what that must be like. Everything you work your whole life for gone in a instant.

Chris: Man I was one of the lucky ones I had insurance. What is sad is that 80% of the people down there are so poor
they can not afford insurance. They were told they didn’t need it and now they are all living in the FEMA trailers. I don’t
know if you have ever been in one but they suck.M4M: No I guess luckily I have not had the un pleasure of doing so.

Chris: You know they suck but they are just there to get you by and they still have not fully recovered yet. You can not
take a whole region of the Earth and devastate it then expect it to be back up in five month’s.M4M: now the other thing is you actually play a pretty big charity show down that way every year right?

Chris: We do and it is for the better life foundation. Last year we had Sarah Evans. The year before that we had Hinder
and Staind. This whole tour right here was there. It is awesome and it is a really good time because anybody can come
to it and all you have to do is go on the Internet and go to www.betterlifefoundation.org and purchase tickets. It is not a
real show because the bands are just there hanging out and we only sell about 1000 tickets to it so it is a full on
production concert but everyone is just kind of hanging out.M4M: So at this point in your careers can you just hang out while on tour and write your next album on the bus or where
ever it may be?

Chris: No actually we do not write on the road anymore because our songs tend do be about the road and we have done
quite a bit of that. We didn’t mean to do it but we write about what we are experiencing so Here Without You and When I’
m Gone, The Road I’m On and blah blah blah tend to be all about life on the road and they are great songs but we just
don’t want to keep doing them. We go home and write now and it is good to spend a little bit of time at home and sort of
clear your heads.M4M: Now one of the fan questions we keep getting for 3 Doors Down has nothing to do with the music aspect at all. So
many fans emailed us asking how Brad was doing after his horrific accident he had a while back. So is he 100% now?
How is Brad doing?

Chris: Oh man he is definitely 100% and he is even so much better. The dude is like a gorilla. He is 100% better then he
was when he was 100%. He is so in shape he is like an Olympic athlete compared to that night he had that wreck.M4M: He looked great when we seen him at Rock On The Range not to long ago.

Chris: Yeah man he is in a better place mentally now then he ever has been since I have known him. I just hope to get
there to.M4M: don’t we all man. Sometimes we never find it. Just takes time I guess right?

Chris: Just takes time that’s it!M4M: Well Chris it has been a blast talking with you. Thank you for the time and the beer. Have a great show and rest of
tour man.

Chris: No problem brother! Thank you it was cool!!

3 Doors Down has been rocking the world for well over a Decade
now and continue to reach heights many artist only dream about.
During a recent stop in Saratoga Springs New York we sat down
with guitarist Chris Henderson to discuss the make up of the band
in depth. We learn where a lot of there song’s would come from,
feeling’s about Internet downloading, and maybe most importantly
in today’s society about charity. Something we all should take a
step back and really think about. The truth is behind all the lyrics
and the great stage performance these guy’s are truly some of the
biggest hearted and most caring group of individuals anyone will
ever com in contact with. 3 Doors down takes the phrase southern
hospitality to the next level. I can only hope that after reading
parts of this interview you will also feel the need to give, and if you
have bought the live dvd or gone to a show you have already.